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A Great Deal for Crypto. A Great Deal for You.

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97% for You - Always

Generous is a Cardano stake pool that maximises returns for the users.  The owners of the Generous stake pool have made a pledge to pay out a huge 97% of the pool rewards to the members of the pool, a percentage which is much higher than most other stake pools.

This 97% is a fixed commitment.  Other stake pools may play with this parameter, playing games to get as much from you as they can, but we promise never to change it so you always have the same excellent deal.

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2% for the Crypto Ecosystem

2% of the pool rewards are donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The EFF is the leading charity defending digital privacy, free speech and innovation. It is the perfect match for crypto and Cardano.

The amount that we can donate depends on the size and success of our Cardano stake pool. This means that by delegating your ADA stake to us you are contributing to a free, fair and open Internet.

Small and simple swimming pool beside the ocean

1% for Us

1% of the pool rewards will go to the owners of Generous Stake Pool to compensate for the blood, sweat and tears that go into setting up, running, maintaining and monitoring a stake pool.


We only incur costs on the things that are needed for the smooth and reliable operation of a Cardano stake pool.  This ensures that we can do our main task efficiently and give you a great return on your ADA staking.

A costs report is included in the monthly emails.

Pool Launch Notification & Monthly Updates

If you have any questions, ask them here:

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A Great Deal for Crypto. A Great Deal for You.